Mission driven growth.

We aim to create meaningful strategies, branding and campaigns that aligns with the needs of your audience and your business. Culture changes rapidly, and we help brands to adapt. What’s your mission?

Who follows, leads.

Today’s leaders don’t just follow the latest financial news, but also want to know what is happening in the world of tech and (pop) culture. They follow investment tycoon Warren Buffet, Beyoncé and what is going on in Bangalore, India’s IT capital. That is why ‘Who follows, leads’ is the theme of FD’s new campaign, which features a wide range of phenomena taken from today’s news cycle.

Investing for people.

Triodos Bank introduces: Investing for People. Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s less and less the case. Algorithms and bots are taking over the investment world, and increasingly they determine what grows and what doesn’t. Not a great idea, because investing is a powerful tool with which to influence the world. Time, then, to take it back in our hands.

Making you read, six minutes at a time.

In today’s society, stress-related health issues are on the rise. All the screens that are constantly begging for our attention, definitely don’t help. Reading however does. Just six minutes of reading fiction lowers stress levels with an average of 68%, according to research.

Artis-Micropia presents: The Science of Kissing.

Microbes are in the air, and in your saliva too. Our campaign for Artis-Micropia shows what happens when you kiss. While you think you’re having an intimate moment, millions of microbes are also involved. Dutch artist Akwasi explains why this is good for you. So, in the name of science and love: let those microbes flow. Learn to kiss over here.

A place where everyone can feel special.

De Bijenkorf is more than a department store. Its history, ambiance and collection of luxury brands make it truly unique. In our new collaboration with de Bijenkorf and the digital wizards over at the Ambassadors, we show that it’s a place where everyone can feel special. Everyone? Yes, everyone.

Dawn is SAN’s Agency of the Year.

'This year’s success is fueled by continued growth and best in class work.' At the SAN night our clients won no less than 4 SAN Accent awards (3x Eneco, 1x Micropia). As the cherry on top, we received a massive cube for becoming Agency of the Year. Just goes to show, the secret to being a good agency is having great clients. So a big, big thank you to all of them.

Always trust your inner voice.

Our recent campaign for beer brand Swinckels' is part of a new way of media thinking; it’s an editorial podcast campaign sharing creative leaders’ deepest thoughts, i.e. their ‘Inner Voices’, on all channels. Hear more

The launch of a movement: Buy The Change.

Together with our long-time client Triodos Bank, we developed a new service. A digital guide that helps consumers spend their money differently.

Buurman & Buurman & Toon®.

Buurman & Buurman (Pat & Mat), everybody knows and loves them. In our new campaign for Eneco, the two clumsy friends discover in their own unique way the many possibilities of Toon®, the smart thermostat. If they can do it, anybody can. See them in action.

Reintroducing the biggest labor union in the Netherlands.

We launched a new campaign and communication strategy for the biggest trade union in the Netherlands, to express its mission and relevance, and attract new members. Read the full story.