Hi, we're Dawn.
We create momentum, impact and culture on behalf of brands.

‘Don’t make people want stuff, make stuff people want’ has been our mission since the dawn of Dawn, and it continues to keep us sharp today and for the future. Scroll down to see our latest highlights or read all about us here.

Always trust your inner voice.

Our recent campaign for beer brand Swinckels' is part of a new way of media thinking; it’s an editorial podcast campaign sharing creative leaders’ deepest thoughts, i.e. their ‘Inner Voices’, on all channels. Hear more

Let the planet do the talking.

In our latest campaign for Eneco you’ll find an urgent message; now is the time to take action. Climate change is here to stay, and if we don’t change our habits this bad news for humanity. Eneco walks the talk when it comes to renewable energy and shares its strong mission; everybody should be able to generate his own energy. Listen to this urgent message.

Truth well told.

Nothing beats a real story. Together with Zorg en Zekerheid, an independent (that’s why we like them so much ☺) health insurance company, we avoided hollow advertising promises and dug deeper for real stories. Watch the series so far.

The launch of a movement: Buy The Change.

Together with our long-time client Triodos Bank, we developed a new service. A digital guide that helps consumers spend their money differently.

Buurman & Buurman & Toon®.

Buurman & Buurman (Pat & Mat), everybody knows and loves them. In our new campaign for Eneco, the two clumsy friends discover in their own unique way the many possibilities of Toon®, the smart thermostat. If they can do it, anybody can. See them in action.

Reintroducing the biggest labor union in the Netherlands.

We launched a new campaign and communication strategy for the biggest trade union in the Netherlands, to express its mission and relevance, and attract new members. Read the full story.

Micropia awarded most innovative museum.

Micropia recently won the prize for most innovative and groundbreaking museum in Europe. Read more.

Dawn highest ranked Dutch independent agency.

The Gunn Report (the global index of creative excellence) ranked Dawn as the best independent agency of the Netherlands. Read more.

Welcome in the new world.

Eneco is a leader in the field of renewable energy. With a strong drive to innovate and push the energy transition forward. But how do you get the larger audience just as excited about this revolution? See it here.

The DAS Recordings.

Real stories, real people, real conversations. Those are the ingredients for a new campaign for DAS, one of the biggest legal companies of Europe. See them here.

How a tiny frog caused a huge stir.

Triodos Bank wants to be a 'financier of change'. This time we wanted to give people a wake-up call. Challenge them to rethink their role in the economy. See what we did.