We're a certified

There’s plenty wrong with the world. It’s no surprise that we humans are responsible for all of it. Luckily, we’re also the ones who can make it better. But that doesn’t just mean slapping on a few more band-aids. We need to rip them off.

For as long as they’ve been around, creative agencies have excelled at helping businesses talk the talk without necessarily having to walk the walk. No wonder people can’t keep track of what’s real, and become increasingly wary and distrustful of companies saying they’ll save the planet. Bullshit detectors are going off left, right and centre, but the world still isn’t any better off.

From day one, we've been doing things differently at Dawn. We’ve dedicated ourselves to business as a force for good. But what does that mean? It’s something we’re constantly reevaluating: what we’re good at, who we want to work with, what we value most, and where we fall short.

Becoming a B Corp was a natural choice. It helps us achieve more, track our progress and become a better agency.

Initially, it holds up a mirror, one that doesn’t necessarily show a pretty picture. Being part of the B Corp community helps us stay focused, lets us share what we’ve learned along the way, become inspired by others, and ultimately it’s more fuel to our fire. Because we’re far from done.

We’ve already made big steps in numerous areas. We’ve shared our concerns and ambitions with our existing clients and are even stricter about new business. We’ve gotten pretty good at running an office that’s an inclusive, safe, and sustainable space. And we’re more transparent than ever. But there’s always room for improvement. Currently, we’re working on our onboarding process. We’ve started a traineeship programme and are smoothing out the experience for new hires. And of course, our office can always be even greener. But there’s loads more to be done. Our top priority is building a more diverse team and learning from everyone in it, and that’s a task that requires constant and active effort. On top of that, we would love to get more people and clients involved in our journey to becoming an even better B Corp.

We believe brands can and should play a part in moving people and society forward.

That’s why every day we work on positive action and radical change together with clients that share our mission. As long as they walk the walk, we can do the talking.

And our own agency is no exception. It’s why we always aim to be as self-reflective as possible. And where we might have blind spots, we encourage others to help us out.

We’re a creative agency.
We’re honest. We’re not going to save the planet.
But we are dedicated to changing it—for the better.