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Agencies' biggest impact lies in the work they do. That is why we’re taking the step as the first Dutch advertising agency to publish a Client Disclosure Report. Until now, we’ve only measured the social and environmental impact of our own company to become B-corp certified.

But that’s far from enough. Our report shows the extent to which we help high carbon clients to grow, whether we work for clients in controversial sectors and how much revenue we get from each sector. In other words, it makes our company's advertised emissions transparent. This enables us to take a brutally honest look at ourselves and our work.

Advertising has the power to let things grow. You choose what.

There are still plenty of creators, thinkers, strategists, creatives and marketers who use their work to encourage behaviour they do not support. For example, encouraging the sale of meat, promotion of gambling and numerous other things of which the consequences don’t look so rosy. Moreover, no one dares to take responsibility. It is not that every brand you work for has to save the world: purpose is important, but sometimes mayonnaise is just mayonnaise. It is about assessing if you’re still okay standing behind the missions of the brands you work for, both ethically and environmentally. The answer might not always be what you want, but it’s what you need.

In short: we’re done sweeping things under the rug. We should use our talents to move consumers in the right direction instead of killing the planet. Therefore, we want to invite the whole industry to open up and be brutally honest by showing their numbers. Advertising has the power to make things grow. And every advertising agency has the ability to choose what they want to grow. Ditch the problem, become part of the solution.