Meet your fellow Earthlings

Artis Amsterdam is one of the oldest zoos in the world. But since its founding 185 years ago, the idea of what a zoo should or could be, has changed. As part of this evolution, Artis has branched out. With multiple museums, a Planetarium and a full-fledged botanical garden, we were asked to come up with a visual language and a unifying campaign to turn this all into one big, happy Artis family.

If you look closely, we Earthlings are a lot alike.

We highlighted the similarities between species, both in behaviour as well as in appearance: human animals and non-human animals, plants and planets, microbes and marsupials. We created a series of striking portraits featuring a wide range of Earthlings, using a combination of traditional photography and artificial intelligence.

We brought this visual language to live with subtle animations and a playfully calm world of sounds. We also developed a logo that's as lively as nature itself and (literally) screams ARTIS.

Artis lives is a campaign that brings the whole Artis family together.

From the teeny-tiny life in Micropia to the stars in the planetarium, everything we did was aimed at evoking the emotion we feel most strongly when visiting Artis: wonder. And we made sure it was everywhere. Posters, digital screens, social media and in cinemas.

A long life

This campaign kicks off a new visual and sonic language for the ARTIS brand. That means we're going to be seeing a whole lot more of it in the long run. Its first translation is already out, for the ARTIS Zoomeravonden.

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