Artis Micropia

Artis Micropia presents: The Science of Kissing.

Microbes are in the air, and in your saliva too. Our campaign for Artis-Micropia shows what happens when you kiss. While you think you’re having an intimate moment, millions of microbes are also involved. Dutch artist Akwasi explains why this is good for you. So, in the name of science and love: let those microbes flow.

There is a perfect kiss for everyone and for every moment. For a first date, for couples and for people who are all over each other. In ‘The First Kiss’, ’The French Kiss’ and the ’Wet Kiss’ we show how microbes affect you. The more tongue you use and the wetter the kiss, the more microbes are exchanged. Which is actually a good thing. Because these little creatures train your immune system, help keeping your mouth healthy and even assist you in finding the perfect partner.

ARTIS-Micropia presents The Science of Kissing

Tutorial No.1: The First Kiss

Tutorial No.2: The French Kiss

Tutorial No.3: The Wet Kiss

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