Zilveren Kruis

The power of the sitcom

Zilveren Kruis wanted to add some much needed relaxation to the world of healthy habits. We see everyman-hero Rob stumbling his way through health trends only to land at the small changes in his habits that actually work for him. The first flight in the campaign was called 'Being healthy isn’t a competition'. When it comes to excercise and health, we're all too familiar with the pressure to perform at the highest possible level. That's why we're joining Rob on a box-ticking trip through the world of health and fitness, only to realise that ice baths and sweat lodges ain't it.

With a bit of comic relief, Zilveren Kruis is letting people know that good health is the sum of many small parts. Whatever healthy habit suits you, counts.

Season 1

Humour and health go hand in hand.

We continued the campaign by giving Rob a sequel. In "season two" he's too busy with the new baby to keep up his healthy habits. He tries getting back on the horse, leading to sitcom-level hijinks.

He attempts to keep up with his spandex-clad mates, ventures into the world of healthy foods that are only so-so and tries to beat the unbeatable chaos with a self-help book. In the end, he learns a valuable lesson: small steps count. Because Zilveren Kruis believes that living a more healthy life should also be fun.

Season 2

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