Belsimpel. It's a method. is one of the fastest growing brands in the Dutch mobile market. As the market and the brand are maturing, it is time to shake off the budget image and increase relevance beyond the functional. So, how do we transform a brand for the best deals into the default way of arranging everything mobile?

Belsimpel is not just a search engine, comparison site or retail channel. Belsimpel is a method. A clever way of getting exactly what you are looking for. That is why we invented De Belsimpel Methode™. The default way to find your perfect phone and phone plan.

The launch campaign consists of both internal and external brand activation, amongst which are three Q&A dramas that lead towards 'the circle' - the button that represents De Belsimpel Methode™ as is the gateway to fulfilling all mobile needs.




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