Zilveren Kruis

The Big Picture of Health

Health is about more than not being ill. For health insurer Zilveren Kruis everything counts when it comes to how healthy you feel. From the food you eat, to your relationships and your surroundings. Through rigorous strategic collaboration we developed a new positioning for the Dutch health insurer that focuses on all aspects of health. We’ve translated that into a creative concept and an integrated campaign that shows: everything counts when it comes to your health.

Identity-driven elements in design and language

The new positioning and vision also forms the basis for key elements; from terms like ‘the big picture of health’ and ‘everything counts’ to the Zilveren Kruis logo turned into a visual device. This way all channels and all assets are completely aligned.

All aspects of health

The campaign consists of a central film and a set of snippets that highlight the many aspects and stories around health. Through a social campaign made in collaboration with Yune and an online tool by Greenberry we also showcase the small steps you can take for a healthier life.

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