Welcome to the new world.

Eneco is a leader in the field of renewable energy. With a strong drive to innovate and push the energy transition forward. But how do you get the larger audience just as excited about this revolution? Because for most people, sustainability still feels like a ‘must’ more than a ‘want’.

That’s why we made sustainability part of a bigger promise: "Welcome to the new world." A world where sustainability doesn’t hold us back but makes us capable of more. Where we can produce and manage energy ourselves. Where innovations aren’t just greener but more fun, cheaper and smarter too. And above all: for everyone.

We kick off with a strong 'State of the Union': a declaration in which we say farewell to the old world, and welcome people in the new one. This kick-off marks the start of the new campaign, and of a content platform that in the coming years will provide a stage for the ‘new world’ innovations of Eneco and others.

Television and cinema commercial

New visual language


Toon® commercial

Online video. Toon® Smart business #1

Online video. Toon® Smart business #2

Online infomercial - Introducing HollandseWind®

Online infomercial - Moving on HollandseWind®

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