Films meet films

Dutch film has an image problem. And it's not for a lack of quality. Because every year we get to see the amazing work that's been produced at the Nederlands Film Festival, topping off the film year with the Gouden Kalveren. So when working on the festival's campaign this year, our job was simple: remind people how great Dutch film is.

This year's NFF theme is 'contact', so we figured: why not bring all those amazing films together? Literally. Under the line of "everything comes together at the Nederlands Film Festival", we developed a campaign where a comedy trades blows with a black-and-white film, a video game shares a meal with a drama and an animated film rings a television series.

It's an absolute rollercoaster, but so is film.

We made a teaser and a full-length trailer for the festival, where scenes from established classics and this year's fresh faces mix in a turbulent collage. It starts off slow, but it quickly picks up the pace, taking us from scene to scene at high speed, jumping from one emotion to the next accompanied by a score that emphasises that this is one hell of a wild ride. A bit like film, really.

We translated this concept to a series of posters, too. To make film interesting in static images, we added some visual flair. The frames interact with their surroundings, with the letters changing between fore- and background. We also added another layer to the idea by having the characters' point of contact take place outside their frames.

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