Thought up on the weekend

Who hasn’t been struck with inspiration while strolling through the park or tied up in a yoga pose? It’s when we step away from our work, that we often come up with the best things. Working seven days a week might sound productive (and a little bleak), but we need time off to process the work week, reflect, recharge and take our mind elsewhere. It’s why the weekend is a crucial part of the week. That led to an insight: the most important work happens during the weekend. This became the foundation for the campaign for the renewed Saturday edition of Het Financieele Dagblad.

We wanted to convey that insight as simply as possible, making it inspirational (and maybe even a little aspirational) without putting any pressure on people’s time off. The message: there’s a weekend behind every good idea. That led to a clear line: ‘thought up on the weekend’. When paired with iconic inventions and a concise call to action, it positions the FD Weekend as a source of in-depth journalism, insights and inspiration–integral parts of a good weekend.

We went with a visual style that has stopping power, while staying close to the brand. The ideas take centre stage. For outdoor, we leave a lot to the viewer’s imagination. But the closer you get–like print, video and radio–the more of FD’s message is conveyed.

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