The museum of big questions

Few people know that the country’s oldest zoo also houses the oldest museum. They opened their doors in 1855, but closed them indefinitely in 1947. Now they’re back, and bigger than ever: the ARTIS Groote Museum. It’s the place where you see, feel, hear and smell how all life on this pale blue dot is connected. A big topic with a big launch. So how did we bring that back down to earth? By boiling it down to something relatable: the museum of big questions.

The re-opened museum's identity started with a new logo. We went for something that encapsulates the vastness of life and its continuity. The double O in Groote Museum is part of its heritage, so we turned that into an icon that captures the museum's unique theme.

We all have these big questions from time to time. The type you ask yourself under the shower or when you’re aimlessly strolling through a park and wonder: ‘what would that tree be thinking about?‘. But who’s asking these questions? In comes the little human.

For the launch film, which will be shown online and in cinemas, we added some lightness to these questions’ heft with a diverse set of illustrated people. We contrasted these with imagery inspired by that from old encyclopaedias.

Big questions deserve a big canvas.

So we made sure that the questions took up enough space. For the campaign we used bold typography to make them stand out. The very clean ARTIS lettering and the neutral colours of the background and illustrations provide the perfect frame to make these questions really pop.

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