Triodos Bank

Investing for people.

Triodos Bank introduces: Investing for People. Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s less and less the case. Algorithms and bots are taking over the investment world, and increasingly they determine what grows and what doesn’t. Not a great idea, because investing is a powerful tool with which to influence the world. Time, then, to take it back in our hands.

In a central campaign film the evolution of investing is depicted and an age-old idea made relevant once more: don’t follow an algorithm or index, but follow your own course. By investing in things you find important and want to see thrive. That is Investing for People. On top of the campaign film we brought this to life using radio, digital, social content, and most importantly, a campaign site with the most robot-unfriendly CAPTCHA test, highlighting how people and bots differ.

Find out whether you're a robot, or not.

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