Triodos Bank

Made for Change

Triodos Bank is not your average bank. Triodos Bank is Made for Change. Our new campaign proves that. It’s iconic, optimistic, colourful and clearly aimed at the growing group of people that wants to contribute to a fairer, greener and more inclusive world. And for those people, there is no bank like Triodos. The campaign, with its eye-catching design, is brimming with much-needed positive energy and forward movement.

When it comes to change there’s no time like the present.

Triodos Bank is the financier of change. Its mission and message - finance change and change finance - stand in stark contrast to the rest of the financial world. Because of that, we wanted to highlight their exceptional position. They are a movement that happens to have a banking license. Triodos Bank inspires, finances, and helps others to invest in positive change. There is momentum for change. Look at groundbreaking court cases like the that of Urgenda and Milieudefensie, or initiatives like Follow This. And this campaign capitalises on that momentum fully.

Change can be made anywhere, at any time. That's why we brought Triodos Bank’s clear and positioning message to life wherever we could. The outdoor element of the campaign plays an integral part in its impact and its connection and relevance to a new and broad audience. The bold typeface, the bright colours and the captivating copy lend itself very well to being stuck all over the country and throughout our cities. All these qualities contribute to a campaign that’s aimed at making you stop in the street and think: Triodos Bank is made for change, and so am I.

Change is made by people.

Triodos is more than a bank for change, it’s also a platform for change makers. Through Triodos Bank's 'Stories of Change', they can share their ambitions and inspire others to join the movement. These stories fit the campaign format seamlessly, adding a human element to the message and offering a movement for change action perspectives.

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