Artis Micropia

Artis Micropia presents the Microlympics.

They move faster, shoot further and push harder than any Olympic athlete: microbes are the hidden top-performers of our world. To showcase their unique capabilties we organized the Microlympics at Artis Micropia, featuring sensational disciplines like the 50 millimeter freestyle, planktonic rowing and spore put.

The Microlympics include a special tour and educational program in Micropia. Videos of the main events were broadcasted via social and mediapartners. Animated profiles of top contestants were shared on social and in Micropia.

The campaign was covered on the national children's news, in several newspaper features and lots of online media. Once more, the abstract world of microbes claimed their spot in pop culture.

50 millimeter freestyle swimming. Online video

Spore put. Online video

Planctonic rowing. Online video

Leafliting. Social media post

Synchronised shining. Social media post

One-celled javelin throw. Social media post

Hurdle crawl. Social media post

Educational program. Talks, tours & content

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