Nothing rides like a Gazelle

Cities are rapidly clogging up, gas guzzling cars are losing their appeal, and there’s a rising demand for mobility alternatives that are not only clean, but look good too.
With 128 years of bike know-how, the Royal Gazelle is the leading bike manufacturer in the Netherlands. But being the biggest doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Gazelle has to stay ahead of the curve.

Their vision: to make as many people ride as many kilometres on a bike as possible. To reflect that ambition, we wanted something bold, confident, and a little playful. An idea that fits both Gazelle’s history and their future: Nothing rides like a Gazelle.

The pay-off—Nothing rides like a Gazelle—is not just a confirmation of Gazelle's rightful place at the top, but also a mould for all its other qualities.
Its strength lies in the versatility. A message that sticks both at home and abroad. In the global demand for new, sustainable mobility, Gazelle builds on the Netherlands' reputation as the global leader in cycling.

Nothing rides faster.
Nothing rides cleaner.
Nothing rides safer.

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