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Nowatch is an Amsterdam-based innovation company founded in 2020 with a mission to help every human get more from each moment in life. The world's first 'Awareable', Nowatch helps predict stress, improve sleep, and restore balance. In close collaboration with its founders, we helped bring this amazing wearable to life.

Form and function shouldn’t compete, but work together harmoniously. It’s one of Nowatch’s strongest qualities and it provided us with fertile ground for creative work: we wanted there to be a constant balance between people and product.

Nowatch helps you get more from each moment in life.

Nowatch is a wearable of many stories. The personal stories of the founders, Timothée Manschot and Hylke Muntinga, the sustainable origins of the beautiful gemstones, and the unique tech and data-visualisation. And all these stories are connected to a deeper desire: to help every human get more from each moment in life. That’s why the Nowatch Awareable is the first wearable device to measure and predict stress by cortisol, and restore balance for complete mind and body wellbeing.

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