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Making you read, six minutes at a time.

In today’s society, stress-related health issues are on the rise. All the screens that are constantly begging for our attention, definitely don’t help. Reading however does. Just six minutes of reading fiction lowers stress levels with an average of 68%, according to research.

To help a stressed-out generation clear their heads, we developed Six minute stories, as an initiative of health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid. This series of smartphone-sized booklets, written by popular Dutch writers, are published by Zorg en Zekerheid and spread at selected locations in the country. Every week a new story.

Six minute stories is developed as a long-term publishing platform, at the intersection of branded content, PR and social impact, to help Zorg en Zekerheid reach out to new audiences, while promoting mental health.

Check the Six minute stories site to find the booklets.

About Six Minute Stories

Pepijn Lanen reading his book during the launch of Six Minute Stories - Boekjesbal at Bar Bukowski

Smartphone-sized booklet

Where to find the booklets.


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