Oxfam novib

Stand With

Oxfam is one of the most impactful international NGOs out there and known locally as Oxfam Novib. Over the years the organisation has transformed: from fighting hunger, to fighting the poverty that causes it, to its current fight against the root cause of it all: inequality. Their vision: an equal future. However, in the Dutch market, audiences struggle to understand what Oxfam Novib stands for and they have a dated perception of the brand. That's why we got to work together.

Starting from rethinking the positioning.

Creating urgency and building a new relationship with our audience, we've worked on everything from the brand campaign and partnerships to redefining the brand identity. That all boils down into a new creative platform: Stand with the people who stand up for equality. A new way of looking at Oxfam Novib and its community, where the heroes fighting inequality take centre stage and Oxfam Novib and its audience are there to empower them.

The updated brand identity brings consistency and clarity to the brand world, by adding stopping power and simplicity to make sure every message comes across. Working with existing elements, we've taken out unnecessary clutter and added boldness and impact without losing brand recognition.

This has formed the basis for a simple and clear campaign where we celebrate the people standing up for equality. Like Ibaado, who's running three refugee camps in Somalia, and Olam, who's fighting for LGBTQI+ rights in Laos. We've worked with top illustrator Xaviera Altena to bring these people to life in a fresh and impactful way that builds on one of Oxfam's distinctive assets: the logo's green circle becomes a spotlight highlighting the people standing up for equality.

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