Van den Assem

The feeling you keep coming back for

There's something special about shoes. Some pay them no mind at all, others build their whole outfit on them. They're the thing we put on to go out and live our lives. Van den Assem knows a thing or two about shoes. That's hardly surprising, since they've been selling some of the best shoes from the finest brands for over more than a century. That's not all that sets them apart; they've got unmatched hospitality and a keen eye for your personal wishes and needs. We call that culmination of emotions and craft the 'Van den Assem feeling'. All we had to do was get that feeling out in the world.

Shoes are surprisingly emotional.

We captured that feeling by creating a dream world. A world with an endless horizon and cloudscapes that evoke the sensation of every perfect day rolled into one. Everything about this campaign is dressed down, letting the elegance come from its simplicity; or as Coco Chanel put it: "look in the mirror and take one thing off." That's why we don't focus on the shoe, but we know it's there. We know it's important. We let it speak for itself.

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