The Story of Gerard

Fixing the labour shortage isn’t just about finding people. It’s about finding the right ones. Meet Gerard, the star of a film we made for UWV (employee insurance agency). Gerard is neurodivergent and had been struggling to find proper employment for a while. Now, seeing as UWV “works for us all”, they helped Gerard find a job at a local hospital. And that does a whole lot more than just fill a single vacancy.

A job coach, new colleagues and a cat.

By giving people who struggle to find employment a chance in sectors where the shortage is at its worst, they kill two birds with one stone. In the film, we see how this leads to a ripple effect. Gerard’s new job doesn’t just work for him, it works for the hospital, the planning department, his new colleagues, the patients, Gerard’s family and even his cat, Luxor. In other words, for society as a whole.

Big character,
big podium.

The film was screened at UWV’s bi-annual talk show event and was very well received by an audience of influential thought leaders, like labour minister Karin van Gennip, labour market experts, entrepreneurs and journalists.

Lastly, the story of Gerard was also used as the centerpoint of an online campaign that aimed to strengthen UWV’s new brand positioning.

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