Triodos Bank

How a sustainable bank became world news.

Triodos Bank is one of the most sustainable banks in the world. A bank where values other than simply earning money count. Halfway through 2011, the banking crisis was at its peak and right at that moment Triodos Bank decided to issue shares in its own bank.

A perfect time to enter the lion's den – the NASDAQ ticker tape in New York's Times Square – and do something special. Triodos Bank took over the ticker tape and claimed new values on it.

& Sustainability

It wasn't companies, currencies and pension funds that had a red or green arrow, but the values that really matter – Happiness, Honesty, Development and Sustainability. It's these values which underpin all the proceedings and decisions of the bank.

The film went all over the world and was the theme of the bank for six months.

Our work for Triodos bank has won awards both for effectiveness (Golden Effie) as well as for creativity and innovation (ADCN).

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