An ode to important jobs.

If something has become clear in the past months, it's the importance of important jobs: working in the public sector, in healthcare, education or government jobs. The perfect time for Maandag to launch a campaign that's an ode to important jobs. For over 30 years Maandag has been the recruitment agency in these sectors. After developing a mission driver together, our new campaign reintroduces the brand and showcases its relevance. This day is for everyone with an important job.

The professionals working for Maandag take center stage. People with important jobs. Working for municipalities, schools or hospitals.

They share stories about their work and the role Maandag plays for them. Teacher Raqib talks about how recruiter Denise has made sure his work is exciting. Psychologist Chantal who explains how important it is to also take good care of yourself in her line of work. And Glenn, financial controller for municipalities, shares his thoughts on how switching projects keeps him going.

An ode to all people doing important jobs.

Because Maandag believes that the public sector works best if talent enjoys working in it. That's why they make sure important jobs are nice to do.

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