What’s your LeasePlan?

We all want to drive safer, cleaner, smarter. Simply because we know that’s the way to go. But sometimes that all can seem quite hard. Enter LeasePlan. They put you at the wheel, with their totally stress-free service. We’re spreading the word, with a dash of humour, by launching ‘What’s your LeasePlan?’

Car ads often use the wide, open road to give that sense of freedom that comes with driving a car. But is that the common reality of driving? We thought: What the hell, let’s not show a car at all.
It’s all about showing the vibe. That sense of relief you get when you’ve ticked a box. And how nice is it when you can do that soaking in the tub, mid-meditation, or without skipping a single bounce on your trampoline?

With a good portion of LeasePlan’s customers being business owners, we also made a video aimed specifically at them. The dry sense of humour from the campaign was the perfect vehicle to tailor the carefree proposition to the specific wishes of this target audience.

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