The Dawn Traineeship

The beginning of things.

Discover and develop your talents, work with iconic brands, and contribute to positive change with the Dawn traineeship. With us, you’ll be a full-fledged member of the team, get a running start in creative advertising and make something.

The perfect candidate doesn’t exist — and that’s a good thing.

Dawn is a hotchpotch of people, and it’s the wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that make our work fun. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve worked 10 years in the industry or if you’ve just heard of it. Whether you can illustrate, write, design, plan, film, rhyme, photograph, organize, or create, the Dawn traineeship is for you.

We’re not looking for benchwarmers.

As a trainee at Dawn, you’re not just a cog in the machine, but a full-fledged member of the team. Over the course of 9 months, you’ll be working alongside our team on our clients’ running projects, and working on a project of your own: a joint assignment with the other trainees.

The nitty gritty.

You can apply by sending over your CV (feel free to leave out as much personal information as you feel comfortable—but leave us some contact details!) and please attach 1 file that shows us who you are. We know it sounds cliché, but there really are no wrong answers here. An illustration, music video, poem, motivation letter, spoken word, business plan, short story, or deck; you get the idea. So get creative (i.e. feel free to go a little nuts)! Send your CV and attachment before June 9th to

Important dates:

  • April: open for applications
  • June 9: final application deadline
  • June: interviews
  • July: final selection candidates
  • September 4: start traineeship

And last, but certainly not least: during the 9 months traineeship, you’ll receive a gross salary of €1600/mo for 32h/week (4 days).

Prefer this vacancy in het Nederlands?



The traineeship at Dawn was one of the best decisions I could make. It was the ultimate proof of learning by doing. For someone without a communications background, the process was extremely instructive, whether it was project management, creation or production. As a trainee you get to know the company like no one else. This is an opportunity you won’t get anywhere else. 


During the traineeship I learned that you can contribute to creative work no matter what your background or interests are. For example, I can use my scientific knowledge of psychology to handle customer interaction, assess consumer behavior, and search for cultural insights. But I can also channel my creativity into writing or coming up with new ideas during a brainstorm.


During the traineeship at Dawn, no week is the same, and that is precisely why I get so much energy from it! I can use my background in fashion and design in various creative projects, and I have learned so many new things from the unique people who work at Dawn. The team feels like a warm bath.


The traineeship was an absolute golden opportunity for me as a starting creative, allowing me to grow and learn while making mistakes within one of the most forward-thinking agencies in the Netherlands. Not only that, but I had the privilege of getting to know an incredible group of people who exposed me to every facet of the profession. So here's to that amazing experience - cheers!

You can apply, or ask any questions you might have, by emailing