Erasmus University Rotterdam

Making minds matter.

Erasmus University Rotterdam has a clear mission: creating positive societal impact, the Erasmian way. They are committed to help solve complex modern challenges, working together with partners all over the world. But, this is not yet part of how people perceive this university with a strong business and economics profile. That is why we started a journey together to position the university as a brand with a societal mission. To make people understand and feel what this university is all about.

We developed a brand positioning and narrative based on three crucial pillars: scientific ambition, being truly engaged with society and the distinctive entrepreneurial mind-set that is rooted in this university. These are the ingredients with which we can bring its mission to life. As a first step, we developed a brand film that premiered at the recent opening of the academic year 2020-2021 and was introduced by rector magnificus Rutger Engels. The theme of both the film and the event: Making Minds Matter.

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